Central Heating Installation
Whether you would like to renew your boiler, change radiators & valves, or install a brand new full central heating system, we can provide you with the advice you require.

Vaillant boilers are recommended by United Gas Band A sedbuk rated energy saving boilers with high performance ratings and reliability as standard

By even just upgrading a few controls and valves on your existing system, you could reduce your energy consumption, therefore potentially saving you money.
All our installations are to the correct standards & regulations required by current gas safe laws and energy efficiency guidelines.
We highly recommend using Vaillant as your boiler manufacturer. We have always installed Vaillant where possible as they are very reliable and very well constructed award winning boilers, with glowing references from our previous installation customers.
All Vaillant boilers are "A" Rated, so deliver excellent results for central heating & hot water flow.
As of October 2010 building regulations require all new boiler installations to be "A" Rated on the Sedbuk Scale.
We are accredited Vaillant installers so we can offer a 10 year extended guarantee on the Eco Tec Plus boiler range.

United Gas Plumbing & Heating can provide you with a7 year warranty on vaillant Eco-Tec Plus boilers
We will also install other make boilers if the customer prefers, as long as they are "A" rated.
All our new boiler installations are flushed out with chemicals and are then pre- treated with inhibitor to avoid the build up of system sludge/ corrosion and we recommend that you also install a magnetic filter to prevent harmful magnetite damaging your new boiler.

United Gas Plumbing & Heating are accredited Vaillant installers, which enables us to provide you with up to 7 year warrantys on the eco-Tec plus boiler range