As your central heating system gets older the water within it corrodes and creates rust and sludge (magnetite)  which can over time block up the radiators and pipework. 
This can lead to an inefficient system and possibly higher energy bills.
Please click the picture below and watch video to see the latest technology we have and the process we follow for this.
Power flushing can reduce energy bills in the long run

Symptoms can include:
1. Radiators cold at the bottom due to black sludge
2. Radiators cold at the top and in need of constant bleeding to due gas build up (Hydrogen) which is a by product of corrosion
3. Irritating noises across the system (caused by build up of sludge)
4. Dirty black or brown water present when bleeding radiators
5. Boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocked pump
6. Little or No hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchangers
To solve these problems we can chemically power flush your system using the latest magnetic technology, which can lead to prolonged life of your heating system.Contact us if you have experienced any of the above symptoms so we can discuss, offer advice & solutions to this matter.
Magnetic filter used in conjunction with powerflushing machine. Call United Gas Plumbing & Heating today for a quote